bluemouth inc. & Necessary Angel produce a new show for the upcoming Pan-Am Arts and Culture Festival in Toronto

Conceived of by bluemouth inc.
Written by Jordan Tannahill and bluemouth inc.
Directed by Jennifer Tarver

Featuring performances by Ciara Adams, Elijah Brown, Stephen O’Connell, Lucy Simic and Richard Windeyer


You board a canoe and journey to an island. As the sun sets and the cicadas wail, you disembark and begin a trans/portative journey guided by strangers.

You arrive at a hall and are welcomed by a family; they are so pleased to see you. You help prepare dinner or build a fire or catch up with a long-lost friend. A glass is tapped, a toast is made. And you realize you are at a wake. The wake of a man you knew well. Maybe even loved. As the night unfolds, stories are unearthed, songs are sung, a family is shattered and slowly pieced back together.

Produced by acclaimed theatrical innovators bluemouth inc., director Jennifer Tarver and playwright Jordan Tannahill, and will be featured as part of the inaugural ceremonies of the summer 2015 Pan-Am Games in Toronto.