Dance Marathon

“Widely acclaimed…a huge hit. It’s a great night out that signposts that theatre probing performance with the audience, rather than for an audience, has a future full of possibilities.” The Guardian

“The richest, fullest theatre experience I’ve ever had.”, January 2011

“To say that Dance Marathon breaks down the fourth wall is an understatement. It eliminates it.” Vancouver Sun, February 2010

“★★★★Adrenalin-packed, sauna-hot, rollicking fun.” The Herald, Scotland, 2011

“★★★★Grab your dancing shoes and get there soon.” The Times, Scotland, 2011

“★★★★★ Beg, borrow or steal a ticket for this life affirming show.”London Telegraph

“★★★★★ Completely immersive…delivers something very rare: pure enjoyment.” Broadway Baby

“Dance Marathon is one of the most complex, most sophisticated and yet most deliriously enjoyable performance works I have experienced…” Real Time Arts, Melbourne


Death by Water

“I can never do justice to the work of bluemouth inc. in writing but it’s something I urge you to experience at least once. It’s something you won’t forget.” The Globe and Mail, August 2003


How Soon Is Now?

“How Soon Is Now? unfolds in a haunting location, and a flurry of awe-inspiring images and physical movements assault the senses.” The Globe and Mail, August 2004

“It’s extraordinary, exhilarating, and enormously moving… People in search of a challenging, rigorous, adventurous evening out—will want to get to one of these performances.”, August 2009



“An environmental adventure unlike anything I’ve ever partaken of in my years of theatre going….visceral and affecting…If you care about challenging, boundary-stretching theatre, then go see this show.”, October 2005

“Too often, multidisciplinary performance is experimental but soulless. In stark and bloody contrast, Lenz has a dramatic heart throbbing at its centre. Lenz is scary, heightened theatre. And I mean that as a compliment. ” NOW magazine, October 2002


American Standard

“It’s dense, artful, absorbing, and fun. The penultimate scene is so thrillingly unexpected that to say anything about it risks spoiling American Standard’s neatest surprise; suffice to say that you’ve almost certainly never witnessed anything like it in any theatre of any description.”, Jan. 2007


What The Thunder Said

“This powerful show by site-specific troupe bluemouth inc. takes us (by bus, blindfolded) to an undisclosed location, where we see evocative, suggestive scenes unfold with bold theatricality and heartbreaking beauty. Unforgettable.” NOW magazine, Aug. 2003

“The company that’s bringing me to my critical knees is Toronto’s Bluemouth Inc…the images are by turn exquisite, frightening and hypnotic.” The Globe and Mail, Aug. 2004